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Lotte Wilms

Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Favorite discipline:


Favorite race:

Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba 70.3. My first international race was in Mooloolaba in 2018 and ever since this place has a special place in my heart. The race course is fast and unpredictable because of the weather, big ocean waves and tough run course


Rene Vallant

1. How did you start with triathlon?

I started triathlon October 2017 in Sydney, Australia. I just had travelled the world and ended in Sydney. I worked for a view years and lived along the coast. I started running after I quiet as competitive swimmer in 2012. I loved running in Sydney and did this every morning to see the sun rise. In 2017 I realised how much I missed the sport and some friends had mention triathlon. Triathlon is big in Australia and so it was easy to find a coach with knowledge. I always love to dream big and set high goals. So I came up with the idea to qualify for the Olympic Tokyo 20 in triathlon. I qualified as reserve for the Dutch team for the relay. 

2. What is your history with sports?

My family always loved sport. I grown up sailing for many years, we rode our bikes to primair and high school and I played many team sports like soccer and volleyball. When I was 13 I fully committed to competition swimming and did this at National level for 15 year. 

3. What do you especially like about this sport?

I love the fact that sport teach you so many things in life. For example how to be a team player, how to stay committed towards your goals in good and bad times, how to push yourself, how to belief in yourself, knowing there is always a new day with new chances and how much you can give back as an athlete to the community and new generation. 

4. What do you particularly like about the sport?

What I love about triathlon that it is a sport that many people can do. It has so much variation with different disciplines that is makes it easy to feel a connection towards the sport. There is so much room for improvement that you want to keep going after race after race. 

5. Your life motto?

Have more dreams than memories

Merits (9)

๐Ÿ† 3rd
Ironman Western Australia 2022
๐Ÿ† 3rd
Ironman 70.3 Melbourne 2022
๐Ÿ† 12th
Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2022
๐Ÿ† 12th
PTO US Open 2022
๐Ÿ† 1st
Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2022
๐Ÿ† 4th
Ironman 70.3 Les Sables D’Olonne 2022
๐Ÿ† 2nd
Challenge Walchsee 2022
๐Ÿ† 2nd
Challenge Shepparton 2022
๐Ÿ† 1st
Ironman 70.3 Geelomg 2022
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