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Mario Lepschy

Date of birth:


Favorite discipline:


Favorite race:

St. Pölten Half Ironman 70.3 and the Olympic Distance at Lake Faaker


René Vallant

How did you come to triathlon and what sporting past do you have?

My sporting career began at the age of 4, where I found my enthusiasm in playing football and invested all my energy in the “Neue Heimat” club. I was also completely enthusiastic about fishing, where I even achieved the title of state and state champion. When I was young I played football for “Neue Heimat”, “Lask” and “Westbahn”, which I had to give up due to my working hours and an accident. Then I became enthusiastic about bodybuilding and Tae Bo. However, when I was no longer able to do this because of my intervertebral disc problems, my sporting career took place in front of the television on the sports channel. However, when I happened to come across the broadcast of the Ironman Hawaii, I was immediately enthusiastic about this sport. The combination of the different sports was also very good for my spinal disc problems since my doctor said I had to do a variety of sports. And so I trained for the sprint triathlon at Pleschinger See, where I was surprisingly even in the middle. Shortly thereafter, I contacted a sports scientist and began consistent training. From then on my heart was and is in this sport.

What do you like most about the sport?

What I particularly appreciate about this sport is the variety, not only in terms of the individual disciplines but also that the training is varied and it is therefore a new challenge for me every time. I also like the fact that I can spend a lot of my free time in nature, which is a nice balance to my everyday work.

Your greatest achievements?

World Championship 70.3 Lake Las Vegas, Ironman Carinthia 2011 in 9:25 hours, European Championship 2014 Sprint Distance, where I placed 4th in my age group, European Championship 2014 Olympic Distance, where I was the best Austrian in my age group, Berlin Marathon 2015 in 2nd place:49:30 hours

Which result are you particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of my very first Ironman, which I finished in Carinthia in 2011 with a time of 9:25 hours, and where I also did my very first marathon in general.

What do you do besides sport (job, family, ..)?

Since 1991 I have been working at Grobblech GmbH as a production technician in shifts. In addition to training, I spend most of my time with my family, where my son Sebastian (2 years old) challenges me completely, which I enjoy very much, because being a dad means everything to me. I also spend a lot of time in Carinthia with my girlfriend’s parents, which of course is good for me when it comes to training. In addition, I really enjoy being in nature and trying out everything that challenges me in terms of sport.

How do you manage to balance family, work and sport?

……with a lot of patience and understanding from my partner and good time management.

Describe yourself in 4 words? Optimistic, goal-oriented, helpful, ambitious

Optimistic, goal-oriented, helpful, ambitious

Your life motto?

Who fights can lose; who does not fight has already lost!

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