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Markus Reiter

Place of birth:

Klagenfurt, Austria

Favorite discipline:

Swim & Bike

Favorite race:



Rene Vallant

How did you come to triathlon and what sporting past do you have?

I have always been sporty, handball, ice hockey, and golf for almost 20 years with several championship titles. The Ironman myth has always fascinated me and so I started to devote myself to endurance sports (initially just running). My first competition was the Trimotion 111. Since 2018, I have a coach.

What do you particularly like about the sport?

The holistic training, the daily challenge, the fact that triathlon also takes place in the mind, that in the competition you can (again) advance yourself through the fight, and I just like being outside in nature, no matter what the weather.

Which result are you particularly proud of?

Actually, at every competition and every training session where I do my best and keep getting better, at the end of the day I can’t blame myself for anything. So far this has worked well for me. Of course also the qualification and successful participation in Kona 2022 and at the 70.3 Worlds in Lahti, Finland 2023.

What do you do besides sport (job, family, ..)?

As a young father of a wonderful doughter, i am in the fortunate position that my wife shares most of my passions and that we go through life and the transition zone together. The rest of the time belongs to our dog Henry and the love of good food and wine.

Describe yourself in 4 words?

Purposeful, structured, adventurous, enthusiastic.

Your life motto?

Never give up! And a poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou.

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