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Werner Leitner

Date of birth:


Favorite discipline:


Favorite race:

Ironman Austria, Klagenfurt

How did you come to triathlon and what sporting past do you have?

After gaining some running experience, I wanted to try something new. Tried once and stuck with it forever.

What do you particularly like about the sport?

The varied training but of course also the competitions

Which result are you particularly proud of?

To have practiced the sport for many years at least at the Austrian level.

What do you do besides sport (job, family,…)?

When I’m at home, of course, everything revolves around my family. My 2 kids keep me busy. Professionally, I am currently on the road as a management consultant and seminar leader after having held a wide variety of positions.

How do you manage to balance family, work and sport?

Without the tolerance of my family, it would probably not be possible to do training sessions when everyone is still in bed so that one or the other thing has already been done by breakfast.

Describe yourself in 4 words?

Purposeful, reasonably organized, reliable, humorous

Your life motto?

One Life – live it!

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